1. Cutest pants. It’s starting to get a tad bit cool in the mornings and evenings, so this week I’ve started putting J in long pants and tights. Away go the summer onesies, singlets, and shorts! Which is a shame really, he still has so many shorts that fit nicely!

  2. My goat Chester is a creeper.


  3. thoughtsfeelingsphotographs asked: I just read your post about comfort sucking and it's so true!!! People constantly tut at me for letting Olivia 'use me as a dummy'. Well actually, no, dummies are used as a replacement for a boob, not the other way around! Tried for months to get Olivia to have a dummy and she's always rejected it so I let her comfort suck, I don't know why people look down on it!

    Different things work for different people, and for us, just like you guys, it’s boob :) I really don’t understand why other people are concerned with it, hey? :/


  6. This is such an interesting read. And yet another article I’ve found to ring so true to our family.

    Here’s one paragraph I felt particularly interesting…

    "According to a behaviorist view completely ignorant of human development, the child ‘has to be taught to be independent.’ We can confirm now that forcing "independence" on a baby leads to greater dependence. Instead, giving babies what they need leads to greater independence later."

    This has been so accurate for Jack. We didn’t practice any ‘forced independence’ on Jack (CIO), and he was always responded to whenever he needed it and asked for it. He was always made to feel secure, always received comfort when he needed it, and was never left alone in distress. He is now a very confident, and very independent little man. He has a very strong will, and is showing more and more every single day that he has so much confidence in himself and that he feel secure.

    Click the link to read the whole article.

  8. Just figured out where Jacky’s gap teeth come from. Me! Mystery solved.


  9. Lols, but more importantly… truths.

  10. He’s over 1 now, but sometimes… if I’m lucky (usually when we have skin on skin time) he curls up like a little newborn while we nurse