1. Anonymous said: Has anyone on here met their SO at the age of 18 and have been with them for a long time? Possibly even marriage













    Anybody? Please share!

    I met my husband when I was 15. We have been together since 2008 and married since 2012. :)

    Met my husband at 16.. We’ve been together since 2006.. Married since 2009

    I met my husband at 15 and were married now! (I’m 20, he’s 25)

    Met at 15 (me) and 18 (him) in 2009. Now married since 10/13!

    Met my husband at 14 (he was 21…), dated at 17, married at 20!

    We’ve been married almost a year and together for 4 :)

    I’ve been with my husband since I was 13, almost 14. We married in July 2012, I’ll be 24 next month.

    Met my husband in 2007. I was 26 he was 21. We dated for 6 years (had baby in 2012) and got married in 2013.

    Josh and I met when we were 19… Been married 3.5 years and have 2 kids.

    I met Carl at just under 18, I got pregnant just before I turned 20. At 21 we were married and at 22 we had our second child. 

    I met Matt when I was 14 and a freshman in highschool and he was 15. It was basically love at first sight. We dated on and off all the way until he was a senior. Once he graduated in June 2008 we stopped talking, but got back together in 2010, had Mason in 2011, got married in 2012 and are currently TTC baby #2!

    I met Mitch when I was a few months short of 17 in Sept 2007…. We have been married since Apr 2009! We will have been together for 7 years this September.. :)

    Met my husband when we were 13. Started dating at 18. Married at 23. Still together at 30 :)

  2. My Mother’s Day gift Beautiful flowers - some home grown from our place, and some from a local flower lady, in a vase which Ash and Jacky made. The vase has Jacky’s hand prints on it<3

  3. For something a little different… me and MY Mumma, today… on Mother’s Day :)

  4. Jack Ethan. 13.5 months.

    Mother’s Day 2014.

    How very blessed I am to be his Mumma <3

  6. For an unknown reason, my page when viewed on my iPhone, has lost all of it’s custom pics/colours overnight. Hmmm.

    Anyway, this was my header, and I had to dig it out again to re-set it as the header once more.

    It reminded me of how much I loved it! So I’ll post it, for shiz and gigs :)

    Me, at 35 weeks pregnant with Jack, 2013.


  8. Am I the only non-nudey mumblr that gets continually pestered to send nudes to strangers?

    Every. Bloody. Week.

    Where are you all getting the impression that I send nudes on request?

    This is a blog about my son and family. A blog about my adventures as a mother.

    Not a nude blog. Not a blog about sexual adventures. Not a blog about my boobs.

  9. 13+ months of breastfeeding and still going strong.

  10. scorpio-tales:




    I am SICK and TIRED of people objecting to seeing women using their breasts for what they are actually for. BREASTFEEDING IS NOT VULGAR OR OBSCENE.

    I support breastfeeding all the way, even if it is in public.

    And the award winning one:


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