2. arelyhepburn:

    This is the best gif you’ll ever see

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  3. Bae bae’s first Easter

  4. Down 4kg since gallbladder surgery 2 months ago.

    I’m now 4kgs lighter than I was before I fell pregnant with Jack.

  5. Haha, I actually lol’d when he said that line.

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  7. Cutest pants. It’s starting to get a tad bit cool in the mornings and evenings, so this week I’ve started putting J in long pants and tights. Away go the summer onesies, singlets, and shorts! Which is a shame really, he still has so many shorts that fit nicely!

  8. My goat Chester is a creeper.


  9. thoughtsfeelingsphotographs asked: I just read your post about comfort sucking and it's so true!!! People constantly tut at me for letting Olivia 'use me as a dummy'. Well actually, no, dummies are used as a replacement for a boob, not the other way around! Tried for months to get Olivia to have a dummy and she's always rejected it so I let her comfort suck, I don't know why people look down on it!

    Different things work for different people, and for us, just like you guys, it’s boob :) I really don’t understand why other people are concerned with it, hey? :/